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Pulse on Learning Podcast Episode 3 – Hilton

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast we speak with Ellen Kessler, Senior Director of Global Learning at Hilton. Ellen has over 30 years of experience in the learning and development field and walks us through her journey as a learning professional.

Together we discuss many different topics including diversity in the learning space and the consulting business.

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Pulse On Learning Podcast Episode 2 – LendingClub

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast we are sitting down and speaking with Amanda Harper who is the Director of Operations Strategy Learning & Development at LendingClub. LendingClub is a peer-to-peer lending firm that allows borrowers and investors to come together, transforming the way people access credit.

Together we discuss the emphasis on learning and people experience and the importance LendingClub places on the learning journey, training, adaptability and focus around its employees.

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Pulse On Learning Episode 1 – Clear Point Consulting

On this week’s episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast, join Ross Squire, President of KnowledgeStaff and Carol Szatkowski, Founder of Clear Point Consulting. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Learning and Development staffing and consulting industry, we have a wide ranging discussion of career development, consulting, emerging trends and keys to success within the Learning and Development industry.

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Do You Know Your EQ Score?

When we think about the word emotion, we often may have images flash through our minds like, crying, laughing, yelling, or irrational behavior. When we think of the term IQ, we picture the famous bell curve and levels of intelligence. I recently listened to a few...

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Who Do Employers and Clients Really Hire?

I have been in the staffing and consulting business for over 35 years. While job descriptions are important, hiring managers often make decisions based on factors never detailed in the job description. If a hiring manager has two equally qualified candidates, what...

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Five Tips to Improving Your Hiring Hit Rate

A few years ago Gallup reported that 51% of currently employed adults were searching for new jobs or were open to hearing about new opportunities. More than half of the workforce had one foot out the door. When you factor in cost - both time and money - involved in...

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Consultant Spotlight

Michelle is a Principle Instructional Design and eLearning Development Consultant with over 15 years' experience in the Learning and Development field. Her experience has focused on creating effective eLearning solutions for companies representing a variety of...

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Activation Support Professionals: Top 8 Core Competencies

One of the greatest keys to success in any Activation or Go-Live support project are the quality and caliber of your Activation Support consultants. We have heard the stories of personal trainers with no EMR experience being assigned based on the fact that the...

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Your Resume and the 10 Second Rule

During my career I have read hundreds and probably thousands of resumes. I have come to realize that I tend to make my initial assessments on a person and their experience in about 5 seconds but never more than 10 seconds. Normally when I am reviewing a resume...

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“Unlike other staffing agencies, KnowledgeStaff takes the time to truly understand the job requirements of our open positions and thoroughly evaluates each candidate prior to sending their resume.”

Chief Learning Officer, Financial Services Industry

“In addition to everything else, they are a trusted advisor and my window into the knowledge employee world.”

Senior Director of Learning Infrastructure, Transportation Industry

“I am working in my dream career position and with people I really enjoy.”

Instructional Designer, Online Learning Industry

“I could not be happier and I recommend KnowledgeStaff as often as possible.”

eLearning Developer, Healthcare Industry

“KnowledgeStaff knows the learning industry inside out and can assist with staffing challenges from entry level positions through senior management.”

Senior Vice President, Learning and Development, Financial Services Industry

“KnowledgeStaff is my first call when we have staffing needs, or even just seeking information about talent management trends. They are a valued partner in every sense of the word.”

Vice President, Training and Development, Financial Services Industry

“I have known KnowledgeStaff for many enjoyable and productive years. The services KnowledgeStaff provides are top-notch and continuously fruitful.”

Vice President, Learning Technology, Financial Services

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