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What’s it Take to be a Top Tier Consultant?

After spending more than 30 years of my professional career working with consultants and representing consulting services to Fortune 500 clientele, I can recognize and truly appreciate top-tier consultants. Not all people are cut out to be consultants. Below are four...

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Let’s Talk About Cover Letters–Should You Write One?

I am often asked about cover letters. Truth be told, I cannot remember the last time that I read a cover letter. I don’t even remember the last decade that I read one. I am not alone. Many individuals in my business don’t read them either. The primary reason is time....

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Pulse on Learning Episode 8 – LinkedIn

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast Ross Squire interviews Ilyse Craft, a high-performance life and business coach about how to build a public identity on LinkedIn. In addition, learn how to effectively create your personal or business brand.

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Pulse on Learning Episode 7 – Emotional Intelligence

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast we speak with Teresa Quinlan, founder of IQ + EQ = TQ, and discuss Emotional Intelligence and how it impacts your work and personal relationships.

Together we cover a variety of topics including the virtual landscape of learning and future trends are on the horizon.

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Your Online Identity

I have written several times in the past about the importance of protecting your online identity. The current, polarized political climate in this country had me thinking again about this topic. Friends and acquaintances from both sides of the political aisle are apt...

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Resumes that Generate Interviews

A recent search on Amazon revealed well over 1,000 different books on writing effective resumes. Career development experts offer many different opinions on how a resume should be written and formatted. Should the resume be chronological or functional? Should it be...

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How to Make Working from Home Work for You

A friend of mine recently remarked that remote work was the “new normal.” Between us, it’s a term I abhor. I replied flatly, “It’s not new at all. I’ve been working remotely [on and off] since 1996!” However, for many people, this was a rapid change for them this past...

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Pulse on Learning Episode 5 – Visa

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast, we are joined by Steve Naclerio, Head of Learning North America at Visa.

Join us for a detailed discussion on adaptability within learning & development and other topics and insights that Visa is focused around.

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Pulse On Learning Podcast Episode 4 – Mondelez International

On this episode of the Pulse on Learning Podcast we are speaking with Brooke Finlayson, Chief Learning Officer at Mondelēz International. Together we discuss the importance of adaptability in the learning space, managing an international team and the idea of “learning in the flow of life.”

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“Unlike other staffing agencies, KnowledgeStaff takes the time to truly understand the job requirements of our open positions and thoroughly evaluates each candidate prior to sending their resume.”

Chief Learning Officer, Financial Services Industry

“In addition to everything else, they are a trusted advisor and my window into the knowledge employee world.”

Senior Director of Learning Infrastructure, Transportation Industry

“I am working in my dream career position and with people I really enjoy.”

Instructional Designer, Online Learning Industry

“I could not be happier and I recommend KnowledgeStaff as often as possible.”

eLearning Developer, Healthcare Industry

“KnowledgeStaff knows the learning industry inside out and can assist with staffing challenges from entry level positions through senior management.”

Senior Vice President, Learning and Development, Financial Services Industry

“KnowledgeStaff is my first call when we have staffing needs, or even just seeking information about talent management trends. They are a valued partner in every sense of the word.”

Vice President, Training and Development, Financial Services Industry

“I have known KnowledgeStaff for many enjoyable and productive years. The services KnowledgeStaff provides are top-notch and continuously fruitful.”

Vice President, Learning Technology, Financial Services

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